Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ze Weekend + Ze Week

Friday night I stayed in. I guess the week was a little too much for me. I ate delicious food and watched TV and went to sleep, all rested up to run my million errands the next day.

Saturday night Jess and I went out. As usual, we stayed too long in her apartment drinking and taking silly pictures of ourselves (and looking at MY blog). At midnight, we were shocked to be rejected from Bar Martignetti, where Jess hoped to find yet another one of those gorgeous preppy boys they keep on the shelves there.

The one bouncer Jess was friends with said he would get us in but then this another owner-looking fellow came out. Another couple had just approached, and he looked up and down at the guy before saying, "nuh-uh. not in those jeans." The guy was wearing medium-wash jeans. I thought that was kind of hilarious so 'private parties' be damned.

Made the rounds to Gatsby's, Sweet and Vicious (always too crowded), the place across the street from Sweet and Vicious (that I really like and we got to go in when other people were being rejected).

We went to Shark Lounge, where some random guy started talking to Jess. I was kind of bored, so I made her not reject him :) . Turns out they worked in sales/account team for some internet companies (I think Microsoft for one). Since I work with Sales Reps all the time I got really excited and made them answer all these questions about commission structure. We had just made a budget cut at work and some people got really grumpy with us and others not at all, so I was wondering about their commissions.

Turns out often 60% of salary is guaranteed, 40% is if you meet your quota, then you can go above that. Other times, you work with base salary + straight commission (7%). These are two examples.

Meanwhile, we went to Firefly Lounge, which Jess had previously refused to go since they are right below their apartment and frequently play loud music. They bought us more drinks and the guy was effing BALLROOM dancing with me, doing dips (which I had never done before but according to Mr. Twinkle Toes I was quite the dipper). It was so bizarre. Someone must have had a party there with glow stick necklaces, so we put them on our head hipster-style. We finished off the night by finally ditching those guys and going over to Gatsby's for last call.

I hopped on the 6, caught it IMMEDIATELY! (a miracle at 4am). The L was not going to happen (I checked) so I walked home from Union Square. It snowed lightly.

At home I did a little Raid Parade to kill all those nocturnal bugs that crawl out of our kitchen drain (I was kind of giggly and drunk and felt like I was playing a video game)

Sunday? Did I do anything? I think I went grocery shopping and went to PinkBerry. I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, among other half baked ideas. I am a terrible grocery shopper, I buy everything that's on sale.

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