Tuesday, January 8, 2008

There WILL be blood if you whip out that iphone one more time

Yesterday Joanna A and I had dinner and a movie--it was so great to see her since I totally forgot she had the month off for break and I probably wouldn't have seen her otherwise. We had dinner at Republic in Union Square, which has some pretty amazing Thai food (including Spicy Duck Soup, which is what I ordered). I made her order a drink, since she just turned 21. She didn't get carded, something I remember as being very disappointing when I turned 21 and realized how lax all the restaurants were.

We ate outside, even though it was January. (Woo hoo Global Warming!) At the restaurant, and at the movie, we ran into other Wesleyan students, which was surprising since I claim that never happens to me. Because of said heat wave, the movie was a SAUNA. Not just hot, but also terribly humid. Keep in mind that There Will Be Blood progresses at a very slow pace, with lots of long silences--oh and also is over two and a half hours long. The heat started to really distract me, that and the girl next to me who was IMing on her iPhone. I HATE it when people do that. I never say anything, not even/especially when it's my friends who do it (i.e. Shawn addicted to her Sidekick). I exact my revenge by just never going to movies with them again...or only going with large groups of friends and refusing to sit next to them. Be warned!!! Joanna insisted we get a refund, so now I have one more readmission ticket from Regal Cinemas to go to the most crowded and stressful theater ever. Oh Union Square.

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