Friday, January 18, 2008

A week of highs and lows

This week has been kind of average--I get addicted to constant business lunches and dinners and events and never having enough time for anything, so when they drop off I get all fidgety and don't know what to do with myself. This week I've had to deal with a lot of people not following through, a lot of cancellations (I was supposed to make Nike ID's this week and we had to cancel. I'm still SO pissed about that), and a lot of delays. This morning bagels were two hours late! I LIVE for free bagel Fridays. One of life's little pleasures :)

I went Marquee on Wednesday for a business event, and that was probably the worst of these situations. Word on the street is that Marquee is "sooo over" and "eurotrashy" but I wanted to check it out anyway, since I remember it from my compulsive USWeekly Days where Marquee was always the site of epic celebrity binges. (Sidenote: The bathroom has a little framed plaque that reads, "We do not support drug use, blah blah blah, we will throw you out, etc.)

For some reason whoever organized the event reservations screwed up, and we had to wait outside, then wait around while they found OUR tables (god forbid you sit at the wrong effing table since they're all reserved) Some Eurotrashy guy informed us we were sitting at the wrong table. The security guards were being assholes because some people weren't using coat check and piled their coats on the banquettes.

Finally everything was sorted out, and we got our set of tables and bottle service. The bottle of grey goose at my table was literally emptied out in less than ten drinks and two minutes. People were THIRSTY. I had a couple grey goose cocktails and a couple glasses of Moet, but didn't want to drink too much because I was still so pissed at how Marquee was so unaccomodating. I talked to some guy who worked in branded content, which got me really excited. He was like one above a PA, an Entertainment Associate, and got to produce pieces with $10 million budgets. That would be so cool to do, and a great way to merge advertising and film. My friend Max said this guy was hitting on me. I thought he was gay but Max didn't and he has a better read on that. I later saw him texting "Miss you honey text you later" to a girl so I think that explained the friendly but line-drawing vibe I was getting.

Went to a couple lunches this week--Orso and Serafina, which are both Italian places. I also went to Churrascaria Plataforma, which is this all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat place. They come around with these big skewers of meat and slice you off pieces. And everything is wrapped in bacon. They give you these coasters that you turn over to green or red depending on if you want more meat. It's pretty intense. I actually ended up not overeating, because I was eating really slowly and pacing myself, and everyone else ate fast and stopped eating, so I felt like such a pig still eating, so I ended up picking at half a plate of uneaten meat and staring at it in lust. NEVER again! I do hate being the last one eating though...and I always thought I was such a fast eater. What gives?

This weekend I have to run lots of errand and return random crap I've bought and buy more bedroom accessories. My duvet cover came this week and it's awesome and soft and perfect and SO Anthropologie-y.

Au revoir.

Update: So this afternoon we ran to a lunch at 1:15 at Toloache (GREAT Mexican). We thought it was cancelled but turned out they had been waiting for 45 minutes. We had fried grasshopper tacos, and this really great guacamole that had pomegranate seeds in it and made it light and fresh. I had an amazing jumbo shrimp platter and some mexican cafe de ollo (olla?). I adore Mexican coffee because I am a huge cinnamon fan. Then a vendor came and brought us bottles of wine as a gift. So this afternoon kind of made up for all those cancellations I put up with.

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