Monday, September 27, 2010

Raise your hand if you hate bigots!

This makes me so angry.

My favorite part:

1. Misinformation sucks. Why does everyone hate on feminists? Even people who are feminists say they aren't...I never had a bad impression of feminists, so it's hard for me to understand why people think that. I'm not activist-y, but I support feminism.

2. I get upset when people use the Bible to promote hateful behavior. At the very end they point out that he's against beating women and families (well, thank God for that) and he also says that you shouldn't let your sons whore it up because they'll be defiling someone else's daughter (yay for not having a double standard).

But he also says some pretty awful things about being subservient to your husband. I don't know how anyone can live the way he describes. I feel really bad for a man or woman that's in a relationship where the man is on a pedestal as a "virile king."


Laura said...

My cousins from Illinois operate on a level similar to this. They're not quite as extreme, but I know from having gone to their church and having heard my aunt (their mother) talk, that they are definitely of the opinion that the husband is the Man of the House and should be their spiritual guide, should be in charge of making most decisions, bla bla bla. I'm sure they aren't "submissive" in the way it was mentioned in those excerpts, but they're definitely not wearing the pants in the relationship. The Bible is a really damaging book, in my opinion, because it leads people to think that this is how they HAVE to behave -- exactly TO THE LETTER of what it says -- or they're bad Christians, unworthy wives. It's terrible.

Laura said...

But you know what always completely mystifies me about stuff like this is HOW guys could possibly be convinced that they were supposed to have sex with their pastor. Are people really that completely blind and obedient?

JustAddSugar said...

Once when I was visiting the church I was baptized in in Chicago and I saw a pamphlet about how abortions cause breast cancer. Like, I had HEARD about such things but never SEEN them.

As far as the people that had sex with the pastor, they were coerced. Who knows how that happened, but you can't blame them...that's like saying rape victims should have known better to walk around at night or worn a top that showed cleavage, right?

I agree with you that it seems like these men might have been in need of an authority figure or guidance or somehow been vulnerable, but it takes a predator to recognize that and exploit it to his own ends.