Monday, February 8, 2010

What better way to start your day than with a constitutional

In less than one month, this will be my new walk to work!

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I am also thinking about getting a bike to make the commute a bit faster. I can store my bike in the apartment, but I will have to lock it outside of work, which I am a bit afraid of. Mayor Bloomberg passed a law last December saying that employees should be able to bring their bikes inside their workplace, but I asked the people downstairs and they said they had a "no bike" policy. Phooey. I see bikes without wheels, seats, etc. all the time, which have either been stolen or people going through the trouble of removing these things so they won't get stolen. One would hope during the day it's okay, but there are a lot of delivery people dropping off breakfast and lunch, meaning lots of bikes are going in and out (and not a lot of space to chain up). That makes me a little more hesitant to spend the $200-300 I estimate it will cost for bike, helmet, and decent lock. But the bf likes bike riding and, if not for commuting, it would be a fun weekend activity for us.


Laura said...

Well if it's a law, fuck the company policy. Right???

JustAddSugar said...

Yeah, I guess I can mention it to HR but I'm not sure if I want to rock the boat. I doubt the bikes would fit in the tiny elevators in our building, which are also crammed with people in the morning, so they'd have to let us use a freight elevator or leave it in a bike room.