Friday, March 6, 2009

One month

So I've been dating this boy for one month now, today actually, though I'm not really the type to keep track and celebrate that kind of thing. I like him. After our first weekend together we said we wouldn't date anyone else, which is essentially a bf/gf relationship. But I'm still scared to call him my b*******d. I've tried throwing the word around, and I like the idea of shouting it out from the rooftops in the abstract (i.e. facebook, where all those ex-hookups can see and hopefully be jealous), but the idea of introducing him to strangers as my boyfriend freaks me out. I mean, I guess I'm comfortable having close friends know, but I think what I must be scared of is how I judge couples. I always evaluate to see if they are a good match, if one of them seems to be dating down or up, what they see in each other. I also look at how confident a couple seems with each other, which can influence my judgment, making me care less or care more about a quality that, unmediated, would have a very clear reaction in me.

Anyway, I think I'm almost ready. Soon, soon.

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Laura said...

I've never called any of my boyfriends "boyfriends", actually. They weren't long relationships, but they were exclusive ones for a couple of months and I still never used that word. It freaks me out, too! I feel like as soon as I say the word, people will keep tabs on the relationship and when we break up and I'd rather it not be a big deal, it's automatically a big deal because that person was my "boyfriend".