Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama now noun, not proper noun

When this happens, and it inevitably will, I just wanted to say I was there first. As a post-teen girl, and a writer, I think I lay claim to a demographic that frequently invents new terms.

Yesterday, describing my gyno to a friend over dinner (she is extremely loud and funny, and favors allusions like "your vagina is a neighborhood"), I wanted to commend her in some way for overcoming a hurdle, as well as give a nod to her race.

"She's an Obama."

File this in your head and let me know if you hear it again. I thought it seemed nice and unoffensive--from Wesleyan I hate mentioning people's race, since it implies that "white" is unmarked (whoever heard of someone referring to their white doctor? from the reverse, of course, Eminem was always referred to as a white rapper). In this case, the woman was a person presumably of white/black descent, and an underrepresented demographic in her profession.

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