Friday, March 14, 2008

Reality Shows: 2; Hipsters w/Headbands: 0

So Wednesday night I caught both ANTM and Top Chef. Both shows kicked off girls rocking the hipster headband look. Coincidence? I think not.

While I couldn't find screenshots (internet! you failed me!),

Amis and Nimma were the girls that got kicked off.

ANTM made a big deal about the fact that this girl slept until the last minute before panel, then came in a hoodie and a headband.

While Nimma was actually a conservative Muslim who went to bed early before the first challenge, I get the impression maybe the judges throught she was someone else based on the purple sweatband she sported during the challenge. I thought she looked cool, and was sad to see her kicked off so early.

In other news, Jess just sent me a text message saying
"I have my date tomorrow with the confederate soldier"

I won't explain the circumstances around this for those not in the know, but I think this boy-nickname ties with my other favorite text message (also in the Top 10 TMIs, as long as I'm being all Vh1 about it):

"I just had sex with Dracula in my parents house"

So Verdict:
-Hipster style leads to elimination in the reality TV world

-In real life we girls have SO much more creative names than "Mr. Big"

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Laura said...

If hipsters are discriminated against on reality TV, how do you explain the fact that Kim made it through more than half of ANTM Cycle 5? She had some pretty fucked up pictures if you ask me!