Thursday, February 7, 2008


I love Greenwich Ave. I've finally been walking through West Village more often and have all kinds of places I want to try:

-Benny's Burritos: really cheap ($9.95 unlimited drink brunch anyone?), populated by chill young people, and also serves things out of Chinese takeout containers.
-Tea and Sympathy: afternoon tea. I want to take my mommy there.
-Soy Luck Club: delish veggie food cafe
-Snice: another delish veggie food cafe

...And not on Greenwich Ave
-Art Bar: hipsters!
-taim: the falafel there looks amazing, as described in one of the nyc food blogs I'm obsessed with, The Girl who Ate Everything.

Other thoughts...

As am update to my bouncer line post, I'd like to add that people who lay their gold card on top of their ID also do not deserve entrance. Keep it in your pants, boys.

Also, I really want to meet "Slut Machine" from Jezebel, who also recently wrote about how she hates club lines in Jezebel.

Her other blog (onedatatime) is amazingly hilarious. I imagine her being one of those people who's always the center of attention without hogging it.

4. Jess, the Milly show (seen via NYMag slideshow) was great.

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